It’s been a while…..

Where the heck does time go? I started writing this post 4 weeks ago then was too busy to finish it until now. And my previous post was more than 5 months ago. Eek! I knew that I had, as usual, taken on far too much work over the winter but I didn’t realise quite how much I was neglecting my own stuff!

So, during the photography course, I worked my way through all the lessons and made lots of notes while I had the chance. Apparently only about 10% of students actually finish the course, which surprised me because it’s quite expensive. If I’ve paid a lot of money for a something, I make sure I take full advantage of it!

There were 3 written tests which I passed (yay!) and 2 photo assignments to complete but I was told that, having completed everything else, I could do the photo assignments at my leisure since I didn’t need access to the course website to submit those. Just as well really, as I couldn’t get any decent photos over the winter, given how dark my house is even in the middle of the day. I tried using daylight bulbs but that didn’t work out too well. So I had no option but to wait for spring to arrive with it’s longer days and better light.

The first photo assignment required 3 lifestyle photos taken from a series shot for my business. So, as some of my products are beaded snowflake decorations, which I’ve always found a nightmare to photograph, I thought those would really challenge my camera skills and be good to do for the assignment.

For the first photo, I wanted a Christmassy shot that included star-shaped bokeh, which I was told would be difficult to get right. They certainly were! But persistance paid off and finally got me this moody shot of a beaded snowflake against a dark background. And it also impressed the course tutor. 🙂

Photo 1

For the second photo, I wanted to show the snowflake as a suncatcher on a window. This one was a cinch compared to the bokeh shot, the hard part was actually finding a suitable window. The small-paned windows in my house look cute but they don’t work well for a suncatcher photo. I got lucky when I went visiting and got access to the massive window where I took this shot:

Photo 2

And in the final photo I wanted a group of beaded snowflakes so that customers could see the different sizes that I make. This was by far the hardest shot to get right. Those snowflakes are about 50 centimetres in front of the wall, but my camera couldn’t focus on them and instead took lots of pictures of a crisp wall with blurry snowflakes in front of it. 😦 So I had to resort to manual focussing which I hate. The light wasn’t great so I needed very long exposure times. And just to add to the “fun”, the slightest draught made the snowflakes spin, definitely not good with long exposures! So it took me aaaages to get this photo:

Photo 3

I was right, these snowflakes are indeed hard to photograph but I got there in the end and learned a lot along the way. Mostly about what not to do. And I couldn’t possibly have taken photos like these before I did the course.

But guess how many photos I actually took for this assignment before I got 3 that I could submit…

Yep, almost 500. 😦