Moving rapidly on

As usual, I have more things to do than any reasonable person can fit into a day. I have no idea where all that work comes from but, sadly, most of it is of the unpaid variety. 😦 Nevertheless, I have made quite a bit of progress with the photography course and have been working my way rapidly through the lessons, although I have to admit that actual photographs are few and far between (I’m blaming the crappy light in my house, but 2 kittens aren’t exactly helping the situation).

So, there was a lesson on how to balance light in a scene (basically involving playing with an assortment of diffusers and reflectors) that was kind of okayish, but much more fun was the lesson about changing the direction of the light in a scene. I’d looked at the examples in the lesson, but there’s really nothing to beat trying things out for yourself.

I wanted a photo that showed how my products would look when they arrived at the buyer’s address, so I came up with this layout (okay, the outer packaging has been taken off but I’m sure you get the general idea):


Not the best photo on the planet, is it? Nasty wrinkles in the wrapping paper and horrible shadows as well!

It gets a bit better if a reflector is used to bounce light into the shadows:


That wrapping paper still looks wrinkly though.

But look what happens if the light comes from a different direction!


Exactly the same scene, just the light comes from the front left instead of the back left, and most of the wrinkles have “vanished” from the wrap! And, of course, the positioning of the shadows has changed. What a difference! Who knew that a simple thing like turning the scene relative to the light would produce such an improvement! I will now be considering all my photo set-ups in, er, a whole new light. Literally.

Right now, however, I need to find out what 2 cheeky kittens are up to, so that’s it for today.


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