Making Progress…. Slowly

I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last post! For the last few weeks, I’ve been busy dealing with all the shit that life throws in my direction, but now I’m finally making progress with the photography course. Hooray!

I’ve completed the first module of 15 lessons. It’s mostly been about choosing the “look” that I want to create, so not much actual camera work yet. I created a mood board a while back (you can see it in Where has the time gone?) from which I decided on a beach-themed look. Now I have created a colour and texture palette that I’m supposed to use to help me plan a photoshoot. I’ve even managed to incorporate an upcoming trend into it, so I’m feeling pretty pleased with that!


I’ve also just finished planning backdrops for said photoshoot, and have collected an assortment of materials that I hope will give the look that I want to achieve, so I feel like I’m getting somewhere at last. Yippee!

Next job is to create an inspiration photo. I would have done that last week, but the crappy modern tripod that I had available wouldn’t support my heavy camera so that its lens would point directly at the floor for an overhead shot. 😦 But now I have access to a robust 1950s-vintage tripod that will do the job properly (yay!) so I’m keen to get cracking on that inspiration photo. 🙂

There’s just one snag. Yesterday I acquired 2 tiny kittens that are demanding a lot of attention, so they will probably slow me down a bit! I might just take kitten photos instead……



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