Where has the time gone?

Things are not going well. A whole 4 weeks have passed since my last post and I’ve only completed 2 more lessons of the photography course. And I still haven’t taken a single photo yet. It’s a bad time of year for me to be trying to do this stuff. Why? It’s July. This is when Christmas markets have to be organised….. *sigh*

I sell my jewellery on Etsy and am a team leader in 2 regional Etsy teams, both of which are running Etsy Made Local Christmas Markets this year. On the same weekend. These are curated events run entirely by unpaid team leaders with a little bit of sponsorship from Etsy. Applications to sell at these markets closed 2 weeks ago. Since then I’ve spent an afternoon, with 2 more team leaders, wading through applications from members of team A and a whole day, with 4 other team leaders, sorting through applications from team B. And just to make it a bit more “interesting”, team A and team B are based in towns that are 150 miles apart and, technically, in different countries. Even if the politicians disagree with me on that last point.

So, yet again, I’m busy doing things for other people and not getting my own stuff done. Nothing new there, business as usual.

What have I actually done on the photography course then? Well, I had fun creating a pretty mood board on Pinterest:

From that, I’ve decided on the photographic style that I want for my brand. Yay! Now I’m supposed to create an on-trend colour and texture palette to use in my photos. That’s a tough one. I’m oblivious to trends, always have been. My cynical brain thinks trends are artificial, invented by cunning marketing people who just want to sell us stuff we don’t need so we can be “fashionable”.

Oh heck, I forgot. I want to sell stuff too, damn it. Okay, I guess I’ll have to get my head round this trend malarky after all. That could take a while. 😦

But at least the blog is progressing nicely because I’ve just figured out how to get a Pinterest board to show up in a post. 🙂