Oh dear

Things are not going to plan. I shouldn’t really be surprised, this is normal for me. Things hardly ever go to plan. Why? Because I always take on too much, far more than it’s possible to fit into a day, a week, a year.

I am not Superwoman, but somehow my brain thinks I am. It thinks there are 48 hours in a day, so it makes me say “Sure, I can do that, no problem”. It conveniently forgets the trillion other jobs that I’ve said I’ll do. Then, not liking to let people down, I do the stuff that I’ve promised other people and the things that I really want to do, for me, don’t get done. I’m old enough to know better, yet I never learn to say “No, sorry, I haven’t got time to do that”. 😦

I think you can guess what’s coming next.

That’s right, I’m getting nowhere with either the photography course or this blog. These are “me” things so, naturally, I haven’t got time to do them. Okay, I’m exaggerating. A tiny bit does get done, but nowhere near as much as I’d like.

So, the photography course. I’m on lesson 5 and so far no camera work has been required. It’s all been about developing a brand style. This is harder than I expected. I’m probably the world’s least style-conscious woman, and wouldn’t recognise a brand style if it hit me in the face. And I’m supposed to develop a photographic style for my brand??? Oh dear.

The blog is not faring much better. I’ve been playing with the settings, trying to make it look pretty, and failing miserably. I get lost trying to navigate the site. I’ve looked at the help pages. They didn’t help. Other people can do this stuff so it can’t be all that hard. I need to spend time trying to understand how this site works, but there’s a problem. It’s a “me” thing so, naturally, I haven’t got time to do it……

Oh dear.



8 thoughts on “Oh dear

  1. Loved this post 🙂 I identified a lot! I’ve also just started a blog (www.thebratexperiment.wordpress.com) and have been similarily overwhelmed with the technicalities of blogging, how to make it pretty etc. But I chatted to a wise friend (who has been blogging for years) who basically told me to cut my crap and that the most important thing is just that I keep writing 🙂 I also then reminded myself that my blog is ultimately a space for me and the bit that I love is the writing. So the writing must come first. So I did just that (completely ignoring how pretty or user-friendly it was). And the weird thing is that once I did that I found myself slowly-slowly tweaking my blog’s prettiness and slowly-slowly, gently, teaching myself more about the technicalities of blogging. Hope this helps. Best of luck with your “me things” 🙂


  2. lucylawrencedesigns

    Hi Shirley, I’ve just started on here too and can’t navigate either! I stumbled on my own blog the other day and was over the moon, ha ha.
    How do I follow you as there doesn’t seem to be a ‘follow’ button anywhere?
    You’re right about the help pages, tried that too.
    I’d love to search for other blogs I’m interested in but I’ve only been able to search inside a blog? Hopefully Andrea will keep posting your blog on twitter at least I’ll get to read it!
    Take care, Lucy

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    1. Hi Lucy, when you are looking at my blog there should be a “follow” button at the bottom right corner of your screen. That’s what I see on a laptop, but it might be different if you are using a mobile device. 🙂


  3. 1) You’re blog is good. It subtle and minimalist, but it’s uncluttered, the links all work beautifully and it’s easy to navigate. 🙂 2) I checked out some of your jewelry and the photography looks lovely – minimalist, again, but why distract from your product? 3) Here’s a secret I once learned in a self-marketing class I took while working at Walt Disney World: “brand” and “style” are really “how I want the world to see my work” and “how I, personally, like my work to look” respectively. I’m not in corporate marketing (okay, not really in marketing at all), but I’ve worked for a lot of corporate entities and you pick up a thing or two after a while.

    I also have trouble doing “me” things from time to time, so I totally get it.

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    1. Thank you for the nice comment about my photography. While I quite like the minimalist look, I currently have to take hundreds of shots to get a few decent ones to use in my Etsy shop. That’s inefficient, and eats into my tiny amount of “me” time. So I need to work more effectively with my camera, hence the photography course. I just wasn’t expecting to have to wade through a lot of styling stuff before getting to the part that I really need. 😦

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